1. Weekend at the homestead

  2. Miami numbers

  3. {+}
    In this superworld, with its supercharged, super-intense and superwoman exuberance, I combined the super-sized enthusiasm of California Abstract Expressionism with hard-edged Swiss graphics, and ended up with, however superfluous and superficial, Supergraphics.
    [barbara stauffacher solomon]
  4. Miami angles

  5. Intent

  6. One Floor Up More Highly
  7. Video Game Land
  8. Power lines (a fall flashback)

  9. Park (snow day)
  10. Bars (snow day)

  11. Tree branches and power lines (snow day)

  12. A break from our regularly scheduled programming…time to enter the AIGA BoNE Show!

    Now accepting entries: the AIGA Best of New England (BoNE) Show is a biennial design competition open to all designers in New England; any design project published between January 2009 and January 2011 is eligible for entry.

    Are you a wicked problem solver? Enter today!

  13. A Christmas tree on the Charles (to the New Year!)
  14. Real snowflakes (The Blizzard)
  15. Like snowflakes